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Our Manifesto

Wealth with purpose

The creation of wealth must have a greater meaning than the endless pursuit of more.

Logic before emotion

Gather data, compare alternatives, and make decisions based on logic instead of emotions.

Create value for others

Great wealth is achieved when the value shared exceeds the rewards received.

Understand your value

Understand the true value of your resources and allocate accordingly.

Lifetime learning

Consistently aim to be surrounded by people smarter than you.

Wealth is a tool

Wealth is a useful tool, not the secret to happiness.

Debt for consumption is dumb

Borrowing money to buy an asset that decreases only creates wealth for the lender.

Protect your principal

Protect your Principal | Reduce unnecessary risk, seek advice, and insure what you can’t afford to lose.

The turtle always wins

Fast paths to wealth are rare and often too good to be true.

Spend less than you earn

The fuel for wealth is savings!