Online Tax Resources

Submitting your information to us using our standardize templates will help streamline your tax preparation. You can either submit the PDF or excel versions of each template. The excel template will automatically calculate your totals saving you time.

If you do not use accounting software for your small business, summarize your income and expenses by using our easy to fill out business template. ​

To help account for your charitable contributions made to qualified organizations (e.g. United Way, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) made by you or your business. ​

Our Rental Property template can be used to account for up to 6 properties. If you own more than six rental properties, use multiple templates.

If you payed for work related expenses and were not reimbursed, or paid for medical expenses you may qualify for a deduction. Summarize your unreimbursed and medical expenses using this template. ​