Why Should I Invest in Tax Strategy?

Posted on: September 26, 2019

Our tax strategy add-on service is the best way to get the ball back in your court.  Our team will review your 2019 data, entity structure, retirement plans, and goals to determine recommendations and create an action plan to save you tax dollars!

On average we find 2X our fee in first-year tax savings!!!

Here are results we have found in the past:

  • By tweaking equipment purchases, tax payments, and avoiding underpayment penalties we recommended $837,337 in tax savings for a client in 2017.
  • We reviewed a client’s entity selection and, after taking corrective action, we saved around $13,000 each year from 2015 onward. Cumulative $52,000 to date!!!
  • Retirement planning is the NUMBER ONE missed opportunity. After reviewing a client’s structure, retirement plan, and goals, we determined a new form of retirement savings that would generate $92,000 in annual tax savings.

We save you time, we reduce stress, and we offer proactive advice.

Don’t take our word for it! Read the articles below for more info.

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