Our Manifesto:
Our Mission Statement:

Wealth with purpose | The creation of wealth must have a greater meaning than the endless pursuit of more.
Logic before emotion | Gather data, compare alternatives, and make decisions based on logic instead of emotions.
Create value for others | Great wealth is achieved when the value shared exceeds the rewards received.
Understand your value | Understand the true value of your resources and allocate accordingly.
Lifetime learning | Consistently aim to be surrounded by people smarter than you.
Wealth is a tool | Wealth is a useful tool, not the secret to happiness.
Debt for consumption is dumb | Borrowing money to buy an asset that decreases only creates wealth for the lender.
Protect your principal | Reduce unnecessary risk, seek advice, and insure what you can’t afford to lose.
The turtle always wins | Fast paths to wealth are rare and often too good to be true.
Spend less than you earn | The fuel for wealth is savings!

To empower clients in their pursuit of building, growing and protecting wealth by providing financial expertise, guidance, and business acumen.

Our Culture Statement:
  • Motivate: Know more today than we did yesterday.
  • Delight: Enjoy the ones we are with.
  • Contribute: Be a unique piece of the larger puzzle.
  • People First: Exceed expectations and profit will follow.
  • Aspire: Get (and stay) out of the box.
Bio Stuff
Matt Andersen, CPA
Chief Executive Officer

Aptly designated “The Thinker” around the office, owner and founder, Matt Andersen loves analyzing data, people, and businesses. Besides his love of math and analytics, Matt chose accounting because he believes it is the language of business. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurial-minded clients achieve their goals and keep more money in their pockets. Matt’s ideal day includes plenty of client interaction, brainstorming with his motivated team, and some time set aside to read and think. One thing he could do without … filling out insurance applications and completing the workers comp audit. The day he would most like to play hooky from work? April 15, of course! Matt is a genius in the numbers department, but he also enjoys knowing how things work. His first job as a teenager was at a bicycle shop. One little known fact … he knows how to weld metal! Matt is a graduate of UNC Charlotte, Belk College of Business. He and his wife, Mandee, enjoy chasing around their two children, Willow (7), and Ethan (5).

Book you are most likely to give as a gift: Traction by Gino Wickman

Most desirable super power: Superhuman strength If you could be the hero of one sporting event in history, what would it be?
Summer Olympics 1996 – the first Olympic mountain bike race

Most embarrassing movie on your shelf: Richie Rich

Quote to live by: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” ― Warren Buffett

Jill Scott, CPA
Tax Manager

Our Tax Manager from afar, Jill Scott has been working for MD Andersen, CPA, PA for 5 years. Originally from Guntersville, Alabama (Roll Tide!), Jill is a triple threat – all at once a fully-fledged CPA, a Critical Care Nurse, and a new mom, she knows how to multitask and handle the IRS like no other! Jill chose to go into accounting because the processes and puzzles suited her brain well, leading her to eventually become our Tax Manager where she specializes in tax preparation, IRS communication, auditing, and putting her skills as a keyboard wizard to work. Though tax season hours can be challenging, Jill truly enjoys working at MD Andersen, CPA, PA for the team, the flexibility it allows, and the meaningful client relationships she gets to form.

Nickname: Fire Fingers

What fear have you outgrown? Needles

One skill I possess that very few people know: Singing and dancing – I used to sing at church when I was young, and that carried over into school events in high school and I started taking dance classes when I was a little girl.

Quote to live by: “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou


Jim Wilborne, CPA
Accounting Manager

As the Accounting Manager at MD Andersen, CPA, PA, Jim Wilborne puts his CPA license to work creating meaning and purpose from a company’s financials, overseeing the accounting department, and working as the accounting support intermediary for the client and the tax team at the firm. With 30 years of operational accounting and 20 years of leadership experience, Jim feels his best when he sees his expertise inform better decisions, expense management, and business strategy for the clients he works with. Originally from Richmond, Virginia Jim found his love for accounting in his junior year of college when he took his first accounting class and voila! – CPA was born. At MD Andersen, CPA, PA you will find Jim cleaning up your monthly and quarterly financials, providing general accounting support, ensuring compliance with internal and external rules and regulations, and creating client deliverables so you know exactly where your financials stand.

What fear have you outgrown?: Fear of taking risks

If you could be anywhere in history for one day, when/where would it be?: Today! I love and appreciate history, but I want to live in today and make change for the future.

One skill I possess that very few people know: I used to play the trumpet

Most annoying aspect of accounting/your role: Sometimes things can get routine… but hey, that means we are consistent!


Liz Koerschgen
Operations Manager

As our Operations Manager, you’ll definitely run into Liz Koerschgen at some point during your time at MD Andersen, CPA, PA. Originally from Mtubatuba, South Africa, Liz made her way into program management after taking on a part-time filing job, and hasn’t looked back since. Internally referred to as our Process Ninja, Liz works as the medium between clients and accountant, designing our internal systems to ensure that our clients are receiving top notch service, and often translating what we lovingly refer to as “accountant-speak” to ensure that financial matters that may seem intimidating are broken down into easily digestible pieces of information for our clients. A creative thinker and a master business puzzle builder, Liz is here to ensure that your experience with MD Andersen, CPA, PA is like no other, and is here to help bridge any gaps in your accounting concerns.

One skill I possess that very few people know: I speak 4 languages!

If you could have given one speech in history, which one would you pick? Any of Jane Jacobs’ impromptu park speeches about the importance of Urban Design

First job: Planet Hollywood, Dubai

Most annoying aspect of accounting/your role: No matter how hard I try, I’ll never look as stylish as Chirag on his worse day.

On a Saturday afternoon, we are most likely to find you: Working on our home Tiki bar or having a braai (South African BBQ)


Marki Zander
Office Coordinator

Some call her the Office Coordinator, others call her the information center, but everyone calls her Marki Zander – your first point of contact at MD Andersen, CPA, PA. Born in Las Vegas, but raised in Charlotte, NC, Marki is excited to be back in North Carolina and working so closely with the community she grew up in, after having spent the past three years in Atlanta, GA and New York City. As the Office Coordinator, Marki collaborates closely with Liz to ensure all our clients get the attention they deserve, facilitates communication between all clients and the accountants, and manages the calendars of all staff at the firm. You may also run into her as she aids the accountants to secure all data needed to complete your finances. Marki enjoys working at MD Andersen CPA, PA because she loves to help people, and with each email that comes in she knows she has the opportunity to do just that!

Nickname: Marlo – an autocorrect that stuck

One skill I possess that few people know: I used to work in the film industry – I technically know how to produce an entire feature film!

Most desirable super power: Reading minds

Book you are most likely to give as a gift: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein




Jason Hussey
Part Time Tax Specialist

As our part-time Tax Specialist, Jason Hussey is our in-house tax whisperer. Originally from Asheville, NC, Jason went into accounting after discovering an affinity for number-crunching in college. Nicknamed “Mo Money” – that is exactly what Jason aims to do – get you mo’ money with your tax return! A well-known fact around the office is though Jason is only here part-time, he currently holds the record for fastest turn around in completing a tax return – a true master of time management. Though he sometimes wishes he could play hooky on April 15th, Jason is here to help you understand your taxes and work with you to find every deduction available.

First job: Grocery bagger at Ingles supermarket

Favorite childhood toy: Dirtbikes

One skill I possess that very few people know: I taught myself how to juggle.

On a Saturday afternoon, we are most likely to find you: At a brewery. I love that there are so many to choose from in Charlotte!

Susan Medellin

Our accountant extraordinaire, Susan Medellin is used to the demands of being a small business owner. An entrepreneur herself, Susan has owned businesses across a variety of industries for the past 14 years, doing it all from Business Administration to Accounting. Ultimately her love of numbers and driven, self-starting attitude brought her to the MD Andersen, CPA, PA team where she now offers support to other business owners with accounting support. Having grown up in Takoma Park, Maryland and Maine, Susan enjoys hiking, visiting parks, and reading books in her spare time. Her favorite part of the job is the satisfaction of completion she gets when finishing month-end and year-end numbers and true to her accounting inclinations, her least favorite part of the job is not having enough information about a transaction to make a posting. As our QuickBooks Online pro, Susan is here to take the stress out of your day-to-day accounting, making sure your books are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

On a Saturday afternoon, we are most likely to find you: Relaxing and watching movies while taking care of my toddler.

First job: Student Aide at the local public library.

What fear have you outgrown?: Fear of the dark and the trees outside of my window (both fears courtesy of the movie “Poltergeist”)

Quote to live by: “Let whatever you do today be enough” – This quote is actually displayed in my home office, a gift from my Mom. I’ve struggled in the past with being an overachiever and getting overwhelmed with work, finding myself not satisfied with what I could get done in a day. I’ve learned to be happy with myself for what I can accomplish, focus on the priorities and deadlines, and allow everything else to fall into place.

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