Our Manifesto:
Our Mission Statement:

Wealth with purpose | The creation of wealth must have a greater meaning than the endless pursuit of more.
Logic before emotion | Gather data, compare alternatives, and make decisions based on logic instead of emotions.
Create value for others | Great wealth is achieved when the value shared exceeds the rewards received.
Understand your value | Understand the true value of your resources and allocate accordingly.
Lifetime learning | Consistently aim to be surrounded by people smarter than you.
Wealth is a tool | Wealth is a useful tool, not the secret to happiness.
Debt for consumption is dumb | Borrowing money to buy an asset that decreases only creates wealth for the lender.
Protect your principal | Reduce unnecessary risk, seek advice, and insure what you can’t afford to lose.
The turtle always wins | Fast paths to wealth are rare and often too good to be true.
Spend less than you earn | The fuel for wealth is savings!

To empower clients in their pursuit of building, growing and protecting wealth by providing financial expertise, guidance, and business acumen.

Our Culture Statement:
  • Motivate: Know more today than we did yesterday.
  • Delight: Enjoy the ones we are with.
  • Contribute: Be a unique piece of the larger puzzle.
  • People First: Exceed expectations and profit will follow.
  • Aspire: Get (and stay) out of the box.
Bio Stuff
Matt Andersen
Chief Executive Officer

Aptly designated “The Thinker” around the office, owner and founder, Matt Andersen loves analyzing data, people, and businesses. Besides his love of math and analytics, Matt chose accounting because he believes it is the language of business. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurial-minded clients achieve their goals and keep more money in their pockets. Matt’s ideal day includes plenty of client interaction, brainstorming with his motivated team, and some time set aside to read and think. One thing he could do without … filling out insurance applications and completing the workers comp audit. The day he would most like to play hooky from work? April 15, of course! Matt is a genius in the numbers department, but he also enjoys knowing how things work. His first job as a teenager was at a bicycle shop. One little known fact … he knows how to weld metal! Matt is a graduate of UNC Charlotte, Belk College of Business. He and his wife, Mandee, enjoy chasing around their two children, Willow (7), and Ethan (5).

Book you are most likely to give as a gift: Traction by Gino Wickman

Most desirable super power: Superhuman strength If you could be the hero of one sporting event in history, what would it be?
Summer Olympics 1996 – the first Olympic mountain bike race

Most embarrassing movie on your shelf: Richie Rich

Quote to live by: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” ― Warren Buffett

Chirag Patel
Chief Operations Officer

Nicknamed “Stud Muffin” by his boss, senior accountant Chirag is the GQ member of the team. He claims that if he were ever featured on the cover of the magazine, the headline would read, “Does that outfit bring out the best in you?” A fellow accountant, his father influenced his career path, until his passion for all things bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll took over. Chirag is also multilingual, fluent in English, Gujarati, and Hindi. He started in the workforce as a sales associate at Target and now says he works with the best team ever, known internally as the Avengers. Chirag hands out copies of “Taxes for Dummies” as gifts and gets fired up when account balances are off by a dollar. A graduate of George Mason.

Favorite childhood toy: He-Man action figure

Skill I possess that very few people know: I am a good cook

Most desirable super power: The ability to fly

If you could be anywhere in history for one day, where/when would it be? When the big bang theory happened — the true year zero of this universe.

What fear have you outgrown? Fear of the dryer shrinking my clothes

Mandee Andersen
Director of Consulting

Best known as “Mrs. Excel Super Nerd,” Mandee’s love of Excel rivals other people’s love of birthday cake, cuddly puppies, and lazy days on the beach! She is highly focused on helping clients anticipate potential business challenges and developing creative solutions. Mandee lives for days that feature a morning gathering information from a client and an afternoon spent developing a reporting and analysis Excel model for the client. She cringes when clients don’t take sound advice, and she sees the consequences come to life. Mandee has vast experience with both large and mid-sized companies, and is also an entrepreneur, starting her own business, SUMit Consulting, LLC, in 2008. This wife of Matt and momma of two kiddos (Willow, 7, Ethan, 5) claims everlasting patience is the superpower she craves most. On that first warm spring day, you might catch her ducking out of the office early to practice some serious yoga poses. Mandee earned her degree in accounting from UNC Charlotte.

If you could be anywhere in history for one day, where/when would it be? Neil Armstrong walking on the moon

Book you are most likely to give as a gift: A cookbook

Favorite childhood toy: Climbing trees

Most embarrassing movie on your shelf: Meet the Robinsons

If you could be the hero of one sporting event in history, what would it be? Tour Divide


Jill Scott, CPA
Part Time Tax Specialist

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Jason Hussey
Part Time Tax Specialist

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