Why Perfection is the Enemy to Entrepreneurship

Posted on: November 24, 2020

By Joanna Beck, Founder & CEO of Beck Insights

Are you constantly revising and not implementing? Trying to be more efficient? Working on a new product? Stop designing and start doing.

Some business owners won’t make a change until all hypotheticals are defined. They get stuck in a design loop and end up experiencing paralysis by analysis. They can’t move forward until they know they have solved for every possible scenario.

If you have a product and need to make an update, you can’t anticipate everything your customers want because they have individual needs. If you’ve been documenting your customer support calls then you have a general idea of the new problems your product should solve but you won’t know 100% of the answers.

Because your customers are different individuals, you don’t know how they will react to change. And you don’t know what they will ask of you after this change. Have you been able to anticipate all of their questions or requests up to this point? I didn’t think so. You need to be comfortable with “good enough” because you can’t achieve perfect on the first try.

Your business, and its offerings, is a “living being” and will continually evolve. New product = new processes. More employees = new processes. Don’t think that once processes are defined, and change is implemented, that your job is done. Unknown issues will continue to arise, but if your operations are running well, these issues will be easy to resolve. Your existing process flows should be reviewed and improved regularly, just like a product. Your employees, and customers, will appreciate it.

Stop going in circles – you can’t move forward if you keep ending up back where you started.

Guest blogger Joanna Beck is Founder and CEO of Beck Insights, a consulting firm helping companies be more effective and efficient by improving their operations. Joanna founded Beck Insights after a 20+ year career in project management, operations, and change management for large corporations. If you are frustrated by the inefficiency in your business visit,  https://beckinsights.com/take-action for more information.

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