Who is Reading That Email You Just Sent?

Posted on: September 26, 2019


Many people don’t realize that sending documents over email does not keep your information safe!

When sending an email un-encrypted, the message and all its attachments encounters a number of servers when moving from sender to recipient. At any point in that process, someone could intercept your message and end up with a treasure trove of your most sensitive personal data – bank account numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. – leaving you exposed to a number of security risks.

In the current age of identity theft and data breaches, finding a way to send your private information while maintaining its security seems more and more like an endless chase. Luckily, there are still a few ways in which you can supply us with documents necessary to complete your finances:

Dropping them off in person:

Secure? Always. Convenient? Not so much. Though it may take more time to do so, dropping off paper copies of documents or even a password protected USB drive with digital copies always ensures your data security. By eliminating the use of the internet altogether, this is the most effective security measure. For your own records, however, we ask that you hold onto your original documents and only send us copies!

Uploading Documents to Canopy:

We use Canopy for a reason – it is easy to use and it keeps your information safe. As a client portal, you can store documents for us, and we can upload documents like draft and final tax returns, financial statements, and more so that you have easy access to your most private data. And the best part: Canopy utilizes bank level security to encrypt and store your documents, keeping them safe from cyber security breaches.

Sending via Encrypted Email:

As the name states, Encrypted Email keeps your data safe by using encryption as it travels across servers. The message is encrypted from the sender’s side so that only the intended recipient can de-crypt and open the email. This keeps any unexpected prying eyes out of your data as your documents are only accessible to those who you are sending them to, keeping them safe.

As your CPA firm, we are committed to keeping your private data exactly that – private. We have all of the above systems in place to ensure the safety of your documents, and are happy to assist you with using Canopy or provide you with an encrypted email link any time that you need. Due to the nature of our business, we will need to eventually access some of your personal information, and the more barriers to the outside world we can put up in receiving it, the better. Ask us any questions you have about the security of your documents and let’s make data security our priority together.

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